Five years after the earthquake, the Martelly administration was set to make Haiti the Next Big Thing in Caribbean tourism. Could this be the path to the country’s sustainable development?


Between July and August 2015, my friend and reporting partner Kim Wall and I spent a month reporting on whether - and how - tourism could ever save Haiti from economic dependence on humanitarian aid and the stereotypes surrounding “the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.”

The reporting project was supported by an Innovation in Development Reporting Grant from the European Journalism Centre; you can find the project page here.

You can read our long-form multimedia feature article in Italian on La Stampa and in French on Libération. You can read excerpts of it in English on The Independent, in German on Zeit Online, in English on Roads and Kingdoms and Slate, and in Swedish on Dagens Nyheter and on SydsvenskanHelsingborgs Dagblad.

You can watch our video reportage in English on TIME.