The most defining legacy of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was an urban redevelopment project that left behind its poorest citizens and forgot the city’s history.


Between July and August 2016, my friend and reporting partner Diane Jeantet and I spent a few weeks in Rio, reporting on human rights abuses ahead of the 2016 Olympics. We focused on Porto Maravilha, a $2.5 billion renovation plan that had helped the city win the Olympic bid and would likely force out the residents of the low-income port area, once the cradle of the nation’s Afro-Brazilian heritage.

The reporting project was supported by the Casa Publica Investigative Journalism Residency for International Journalists, hosted by the Brazilian investigative journalism agency Agencia Publica.

You can watch our video reportage in English on TIME and in Portuguese on Agencia Publica.

You can read our reportage in Italian on La Stampa and in English on Raconteur Magazine.