Since the end of the genocide, Rwanda has become Africa's gender equality success story for high female representation in politics, education and the workplace. BUT What does empowerment actually mean to its new generation of women?


Between July and August 2017, my friend and reporting partner Eleonore Hamelin and I spent a month in Rwanda, trying to understand the successes and challenges of the country’s new gender equality paradigm, and how it affects the daily life of women born after the genocide.

The reporting project was supported by an Innovation in Development Reporting Grant from the European Journalism Centre; you can find the project page here.

You can read our long-form narrative feature article in English on Marie Claire, in French on Libération, in Italian on La Stampa and in Spanish on El Pais.

You can watch our video reportage in English on TIME and in French on Loopsider.

You can also read more of our coverage on the road to the new gender equality paradigm in Rwanda in Italian on Origami - La Stampa, and on the 2017 Presidential Election in Italian on La Stampa and in French on Libération.